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CFH: Angel vs. Tia grueling Custom Catfight

CFH: "Hard Hitting Custom Catfight" Dana vs. Adrianne

CFH: "Competitive Catfight / Kumi's Trial Match #1" Tia vs Kumi

CFH: Catfighting & Wrestling - Megan Jones vs Gloria Custom Match "Great Action"

KF / CFH: "Spirited Holds Competiton" Tia vs Callie

KF / CFH: "Competitive Catfight" Nicki vs Kaycee (Their last Catfight To DATE vs each other)

Cruel Vixens: "Mistress Tonia and her slave" Tonia takes it to this poor guy!

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***CFH Hard Hitting & Standard Custom videos***

Angel vs. Tia
Dana vs. Adrianne
***Megan Jones vs Gloria
***Sandy vs Tia
Catfight plus!
"Catfighting & Wrestling"
New Cougar River vs Kobe
***Callie vs Tia
River vs Sandy
Candle vs Sandy
"Tit Fight"
Cougar vs Cougar Tit Fight
"Wedgie Bitches"

***CFH (and other) Competitive***

Jameson vs. Kaycee
***Tia vs Kumi
Gen vs Kerre 2
Kaycee (KF) vs Nicki (CFH)
Kumi's 1st Catfight
Catfight Rematch
Catfight in jean shorts

Kaycee (KF) vs Tia (CFH)
Tia vs Nicki
Jameson vs Nicki
Jameson vs Tia
Catfight in bikinis
Bikini Catfight
Bikini Catfight

***KF Corner (Kitty Fights)***

Arielle vs Candle
Kaycee vs Nicki
***Callie vs Tia
Danielle T. vs Candle
"No Driving Bitch"
Competitive Catfight
Three Matches

Kaycee vs Nicki
Kaycee (KF) vs Nicki (CFH)
New Kitty: Kaycee vs Tia
Natalie vs Sophie vs Leah
Catfight in jean shorts
Competitive KF vs CFH
Stomach Punching Kittys

***CV Corner (Cruel Vixens)***

Mistress Tonia
Kenna vs Katrina Kruell
Katrina Kruell vs Sherry
Belly Bath Beatdown #1
"Dominating Her Slave"
"Lesson Learned "
"Time To Talk Bitch"
Samantha Sinn
Belly Bath Beatdown #2
Rhiana vs her Slave
Amo vs Katrina Kruell
Amo & Katrina Kruell
"A Lesson Learned"
Slave Fight Back...

***SR Corner (ShyRenee / CFH)***

Kobe vs Candle
Sandy vs Candle x 2
Kobe vs Candle
New Cougar River vs Kobe
Crotch / Breast Claw Fight
Hair Pulling & Tit Fight
Trib Fight
"Tit Fight"
River vs Sandy
Candle vs Addie
Kobe vs Angel plus Sasha vs Candle
Candle vs Nicole
Cougar vs Cougar Tit Fight
Sex Fight
Nude Catfight
"Fight To Be Freed"



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