***Updated: May 24th, 5th, and 3rd with Custom Catfights, Live Competitive Action as well as Kitty Corner Action

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July 13: Tia vs. Madison competitive Subs and Pins with hair pulling.

June 16: NEW COUGAR, Savannah vs. Sandy in a mature Catball Catfight

May 24: River vs. Sandy Cougars Catfight and Jameson vs. Nicki Test of Strength followed by a Competitive Catfight

May 05: Lingerie Strip Catfight Custom with Kobe vs. Angel

May 03: Live Action with Holly vs. Mandi "2" and Live Oil Submission Catfight

Apr. 27: New additions! Jade vs. Kobe vs. Dani twice each and don't forget Summer vs. Kitty finally released on download along with Carmen vs. Marie "Live Action... Also, from Kitty Fights is a very nice paced custom catfight with two of your favorite Kitty's, Rachel vs Destiny in "Rivals".


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***CFH (and other) Competitive***

Madison vs. Tia
Jameson vs. Nicki
Zoe vs. Dream
Jenn vs. Ashlynn
Competitive Pins & Subs
CFH Catfight & T.O.S.
KF Catfight
KF Catfight re-release

Devon vs. Dece
Ciara vs. Gen 1
Alexis vs. Gen Topless
Marie vs. Mandi
CFH Catfight
CFH Catfight
CFH Catfight
CFH Catfight



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***CFH Hard Hitting & Standard Custom videos***

Savannah vs. Sandy
River vs. Sandy
Angel vs. Kobe
Making of a Catfighter #2
"Catball Catfight"
"Catfight / Tit Fight "
"Lingerie Strip Catfight"
Em vs. Angel
Ginger vs. Sandy
Megan vs. Maria AnnaBella
Candle vs. Kobe
Briella vs. Angel
"Southern Vixens Catfight"
"Session Girls Gone Wild"
"Catball Catfight"
"Fashionably Late"



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***CFH Live*** (Higher quality than originally released with more titles coming soon)

Mandi vs. Holly 2
Live Oil Submission / Cat
Summer vs. Kitty PLUS 1
Six Girls / 3 Matches
Live Catfight
Live Catfight
Live Catfights
Live Catfight
Lily vs. Mandi
Lexi vs. Alexis
Cashmere' vs. Marie
Mandi vs. Holly & FoxFire vs. Cashmere'
Live Catfight
Live Catfight
Live Catfight
Live Catfight


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***KF Corner (Kitty Fights)***

Jade vs. Kobe vs. Dani
Destiny vs. Rachel
Tia vs. Candle (hair pulling)
Natalie vs. Elle
2x each...
"Family Affair"
"You're Not That Tough"2

Arielle vs. Candle
Sophie vs. Natalie
Kaycee vs Nicki
New Kitty: Kaycee vs Tia
"Cattin' Roomates"
Sophie's Hard Hitting Debut
Competitive Catfight
Competitive KF vs CFH


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***CV Corner (Cruel Vixens)***

Mistress Tonia
Katrina Kruell vs Sherry
Belly Bath Beatdown #2
Rhiana vs her Slave
"Dominating Her Slave"
"Time To Talk Bitch"
Amo & Katrina Kruell
"A Lesson Learned"




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