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Alexis vs. Holly - Custom Competitive Catfight (facesits / pins)


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Custom Pin Catfight with each one of these competitive beauties wanting to pin the other in a variety of pins as the sponsors look on. Face sit, school girl, breast smothers, breast / crotch grabs and more as these two go at it for over 30 minutes until the sponsor signals the end.

Total Running Time of: 29:28 / 801 megs.


Candy vs. Raven Bitch Fight "Higher Quality" NOW IN .MP4 FORMAT


NOTE: Higher quality than the vidcaps.

What is considered by many to be one of the best catfights to come out of the Haven as these two plainly dislike each other. Hair pulling, slapping, bitch talking, and much more as these two go at each other in their second catfight. Filmed after day #1 of filming at one of our live shows. Late at night with a few sponsors watching while others are just outside the double doors having a few drinks while peering through the doors and windows. Re-released in a higher quality than originally released. You'll see each of these two at their best.

Don't miss this one guys. I'm sure you'll be glad you added it to your collection and especially if you like to see two everyday girls next door catting it out.

Total Running Time of: 26:55 / 987 megs / $21.95


Jenn vs. Adrianne - Competitive Catfight


Competitive Catfight featuring Adrianne vs. Jenn. This is one of my favorite matches that I didn't take part in. A good competitive match throughout with the tenacious Jenn taking on Adrianne who was fairly new to the game but was as equally tenacious.

Slaps to the head and body, hard hair pulling and grinding submissions as neither of these girls wanted to submit to the other. NO WAY, NO HOW. Grueling action from start to finish and even moreso as they both started sweating and began to tire a bit.

Intense action throughout.

Total Running Time of: 29:28 / 801 megs.


Gen vs. Ciara - Competitive Catfight ReMatch "Ciara's 2nd Catfight at CFH"


After their first competitive match Ciara asked for a rematch. Gen said when hearing this said "anytime, anytime". I honestly believe Gen felt her position with Haven fans threatened when she looked across the mats at a girl with jet black hair much like herself and one that was in her size range as well.

Ciara likes to pull hair and although Gen would never admit it openly, she has a tender scalp and hates her hair being pulled. Just as in the first match this is no runaway win for the winner with only a few falls decided at the time of the ending bell.

If you enjoyed the first match you'll surely enjoy this one as they battle it out until there is a clear winner.

Total Running Time of: 31:23 / 854 megs.


Ciara vs. Gen - Competitive Catfight "Ciara's 1st Catfight at CFH"


Ciara had contacted CFH about a possible catfight with the company. She'd had previous experience at another company and wanted to expand her horizons. She was matched up with a very similar opponent in size and strength in Gen.

This was a competitive match with slaps, hair pulling and submissions and ended up being a great match from start to finish with both agreeing to a rematch a.s.a.p. Only 3 falls were won during this catfight and they were all hard earned falls.


Total Running Time of: 29:47 / 810 megs.


HIQHER QUALITY: Mandi vs. Cashmere' Cat it out in dresses

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Long legged Cashmere' takes on Mandi in a grudge challenge match in dresses. Not only in front of a few of the girls but two sponsors and two other guest judges who'd been there for some earlier boxing that a few of the girls including both Cashmere' and Mandi among others had participated in that same weekend. Both women were confident of winning and even with the height disadvantage, Mandi was absolutely sure she'd beat Cashmere'. Some hair pulling, hands to the face and solid submission moves as they battle it out for pride in one of the matches from a weekend of fun at CFH. Aggressively fought with one of them left victorious at the end gaining 1 more submission than her opponent.

Total Running Time of: 28:54 / 758 megs / .mp4 format


HIQHER QUALITY: Jameson vs. Tia REMATCH "Catfight"

First Time on Full Download ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $21.95

*After their first intense Catfight here at CFH, Jameson and Tia both wanted a rematch to settle it all or as Tia put it "to shut her up". Simply put wouldn't you say?

Jameson's wrestling skills and tenacity have grown in leaps and bounds since joining CFH just as her rivalry with Tia. The leggy beauty, Tia's tenacity and intensity in catfights has bloomed just as well and she's basically tired of Jameson running her mouth. "It's all I hear from her" Tia says, "I can beat her in a rematch blah, blah, blah, ----- "prove it if you think you can" so Tia is giving Jameson the chance to put up or shut up or as she says "I just want to shut her up."

More intense than the first catfight here at CFH and starting off by request with arm wrestling and a test of strength which gets both of the girl's competitive juices flowing. Then the catfight starts and doesn't finish until we have a clear winner.

Great action here between newcomer to the Haven, Jameson and Tia in an awesome catfight that will leave you wanting yet one more rematch.

Don't miss this one guys. I'm sure you'll be glad you added it to your collection and especially if you like to see two everyday girls next door catting it out.

Total Running Time of: 34:44 / 944 megs / .mp4 format


HIQHER QUALITY: Kaylee vs. Dece "Catfight"

First Time on Full Download ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $19.95

The feisty blonde Dece used to accept all challenges and to include from those everyday girls next door who were larger and stronger than her. Kaylee is no exception for an opponent as she fits the bill of both larger and stronger than the bleach blonde with a chip on her shoulder. For those that know of Dece you know you can expect hair pulling along with other great action plus a fair share of trash talk, always trying to get under her opponent's skin and normally succeeding in doing just that.

In this one though, you'll notice that Dece is a tad heavier than she normally is and it serves her well against the brunette, Kaylee.

Total Running Time of: 26:32 / 721 megs / .mp4 format


HIQHER QUALITY: Tori vs. Mandi "Catfight"


Competitive bout with Tori taking on Mandi in a conference room just off the beach and although a lot of fun was had vacationing we were now down to business as these two went at it during mid day. Both women had their male escorts there watching as the match took place and you know this gave them that extra incentive to come out on top.

Hair pulling, a few slaps, fast paced take downs and several pin and submission attempts in this hard fought competitive match from CFH.

Total Running Time of: 29:06 / 790 megs / .mp4 format


DOUBLE FEATURE! Carmen vs. Mandi -Catfight and Gen vs. Nikki Dreads -Pins & Submissions...

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Carmen sure didn't want to lose as she was trying to impress a few sponsors, some of the other girls watching and the crew. Mandi being the veteran as compared went in this catfight to easily wipe the mats with Carmen or so she thought. "Slapping, hair pulling, aggressive take downs and submissions in this match in which both took fall(s).

In this sponsors weekend Gen had already had a few matches during the weekend and a couple on this already long day when Nikki Dreads challenged her in Nikki's first competitive match. Again, neither wanted to lose and for similar reasons as the girls didn't, in the first match on this download. Gen always pleases on the mats and Nikki surprised a few with her unwillingness to just give up, in her first outing.

Total Running Time of: 32:26 / 881 megs / $23.95


Nicki vs. Kaycee "2" Catfight

Newly added in a higher quality from Kitty Fights! ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW...

These two go at it again with Nicki representing CFH and Kaycee representing KF in a bikini catfight. Great action throughout with hair pulling, grueling submissions and a few slaps as well. Both have lost to Jameson in the past and both had at least one win over Tia in the past. Kaycee lost in their earlier meeting and was game for a rematch with the blonde Nicki.

Total Running Time of: 19:59 / 717 megs / $17.95


Genieve' vs. Zoe "Catfight" from KF

Newly added in a higher quality from Kitty Fights! ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW...


Much better quality and the full download in this intense and competitive catfight.

These two knew each other before either of them ever appeared at Kitty Fights or Catfight Haven. They weren't fond of each other then and weren't during their stints with either of the production companies either. That made a loss tougher to swallow for either one when they faced off and made for a great competitive match each time as well.

Zoe holds the distinction of being the first Kitty ever recruited for KF and one of the first to ever crossover to CFH when she requested to fight Gen for the first time.

Each of their catfights has more than it's fair share of grueling hair pulling with dark black hair and blonde hair mixed lying all over the fighting surfaces. That alone makes all of their fights both intense and fun to watch.

They faced off for CFH in both their first and second fights, then at KF for this third awesome catfight.

Hair pulling, grueling submission holds while rolling all over the floor and fighting on the sofa and love seat in this competitive match.

Total Running Time of: 32:45 / 890 megs / $21.95


HIQHER QUALITY: Gen vs. Carmen Catfight


This match is a competitive catfight with a custom twist. Meaning that it starts in the bathroom with them getting ready and the sponsor chose the clothing. The action is intense as always when these two face off regardless of the type of match they're in, boxing, wrestling or catfighting. The opening segment in the bathroom is short and sweet with the two taking the action directly into the main living area.

The two of them slapped, pulled hair and used a variety of holds for the duration of the match which of course as usual was a "most falls wins" contest. Both, as many of you know have a bit of attitude and it shows in this match. They're friends off the mats most of the time but actually get pissed off at each other at the drop of a hat. This is a long time favorite of many Haven fans and one that I'm sure you'll enjoy.


Total Running Time of: 32:51 / 893 megs / .wmv format


HIQHER QUALITY: Kaycee (KF) vs. Tia (CFH) Catfight


Kaycee has faced Jameson once and faced Nicki a few times as well. We set those up to put Kaycee on the fast track so to speak as Kitty Fights hottest NEW KITTY and even though she lost a few falls in those matches we'll say, she learned quite a bit.

Now comes Tia who as you know has fought Nicki and of course has fought Jameson twice in some exciting catfights. She knows Kaycee is a newcomer and that she is the front runner at KF as well so of course she doesn't want to lose to her.

On the flip side of that coin, we have Kaycee who is itching to gain a victory and prove she can indeed be what KF wants as their number #1 new prospect. Interesting to say the least and it leads to what turns out to be a very competitive submission Catfight between these two leggy beauties. Who wins? I can't tell you that but I will tell you they both want a rematch and the sooner the better for both.


Total Running Time of: 20:15 / 550 megs / .wmv format


HIQHER QUALITY: Gen vs. Carmen "Hair Pulling Catfight" (while pregnant)


Carmen and Gen both obtained permission from their physicians to participate in this style match. Carmen at 9 months pregnant and Gen at 7 months pregnant continue their long standing feud and go after each other's hair while standing, on the sofa and carpet while trash talking each other. Plenty of hair was lost and their scalps in this custom hair pulling catfight. Although they've beat the hell out of each other previously while boxing at live shows to garages to hotels and had a few very competitive matches as well, these two ranked this one as one of their favorites and this set the stage for a rematch later on.


Total Running Time of: 32:00 / 871 megs / .mp4 format


Blonde Molly vs. Jameson - Competitive


From CFH: Jameson at 5'03" / 110 lbs., coming off a victory against Tia and after taking my advice and working her legs some, shows up for a match against Molly at 5'06" / 130 lbs., who has experience on the mats but her first appearance at CFH.

The two both were very confident and started off aggressively going for each other's hair. Hair pulling was a theme throughout and I enjoyed watching that myself as were all types of submissions while adding hair pulling. Scissors with hair pulling, face sit pins with hair pulling, full nelsons with hair pulling combined with scissors and more.

Great action in this one for sure.

Total Running Time of: 26:04 / 956 megs / .wmv format


Tia vs. Madison - Competitive "Pins and Submissions"


Competitive submissions and pins match with hair pulling used to aid in getting an opponent to the ground or in a submission. These two grapple for supremacy as the more experienced veteran, Tia doesn't want to take a loss to the relative newcomer Madison and of course Madison wanting to make a name for herself doesn't want to lose to her smaller opponent Tia, experienced or not.

Great action in this one for sure.

Total Running Time of: 24:09 / 656 megs / .mp4 format


Jameson vs. Nicki Test Of Strentgh followed by a Catfight "Higher Quality"


NOTE: Higher quality than the vidcaps.

Great action between these two younger cats. Jameson had at this time already been in a few matches at KF, then graduating to the Haven for a few before meeting the very eager blonde Nicki. The first test each other in a 10 minute test of strength, pushing each other's will power as far as it could go leaving only one as the victor.

After a fifteen minute break, the two girls changed and faced off in a competitive match that once again showed off the tenacity of both but especially the younger blonde. Great action in this one for sure.

Total Running Time of: 30 min. / 824 megs / $22.95


Zoe vs. Dream Competitive w/ sponsor watching "Higher Quality"


NOTE: Higher quality than the vidcaps.

These two Kitty's go at it in very tiny bikinis with the sponsor watching live. Zoe at the time had already faced Gen in some awesome catfights and also faced Dream in some rough custom action. They always got catty and turned it into a competitive affair but this time with the sponsor watching both wanted to win badly. Hair pulling, rolling while grappling for submissions and pins in this competitive match. The first part is fought with no mats on the rough carpeted floor, all over the furniture etc. and the second part is fought in the same manner but with mats placed over the rough carpet.

Total Running Time of: 36:38 / 1.32 gigs / $24.95


Jenn vs. Ashlynn Catfight "Higher Quality" Competitive


On a visit I had to KF I spoke with Ashlynn about trying a competitive match. Jenn had already contacted me through emails about the same and working with the Haven on a few matches. I hit the mats with Ashlynn for a custom shoot and found that she pulled hair with the best of them and also had very strong thighs.

They went at it and I can say I was impressed. Both newcomers to this type of match and both wanted to win. Quite a few submissions were gained and even tears were shed by one at the end. The other was "pulling the hell out of her hair" to say the least while applying a hold. I give this one a thumbs up and think you'll see some really good things from both of these two young women in the future.

Total Running Time of: 15:58 / 576 megs


Dece vs. Devon - Competitive Catfight "Devon Challenged Dece"


This catfight has some very intense action and with Dece you know it had plenty of trash talk which she always used to get under her opponent's skin as much as possible. Hair pulling, submissions and more hair pulling.

As many of you know, Dece, Raven, Candy and others were known as street fighters having had been in more than their fair share of fights before being introduced to "Submission Catfights / Rules Catfights" which of course last longer and have varying catfight rules. They add the catty tactics of hair pulling, slapping, clawing and body punching combined with varioius pins, scissors, nelsons and so on. All depending on the match in question.

Well Dece at this time was a veteral of submission catfights at the time Devon and her husband who'd been members of the Haven. Devon was known in her area as a tough street fighter who'd hold her own quite well in those instances. Not afraid of a fight in the least. Both she and her husband had been members of CFH for a while and had seen Dece in action as well as others. They discussed it with each other then contacted the Haven and wanted to see if Devon could get a match with Dece. Devon said "I want to challenge Dece in a submission catfight. I think I can beat her."

The two of them met at CFH and were given the chance to learn the basic holds allowed and experienced a few trial (very short) matches and she said she was ready. She of course went back to their area where she faced off against her husband in practice rounds before getting the final date of her first official match at CFH.

She came in full of confidence and ready to get the match started. You'll have to watch to see how she did.

Total Running Time of: 15:54 / 552 megs.


Gen vs. Lola - Competitive Catfight / Punching Match "Rematch"


Gen wanted a rematch against Lola after their first meeting which included actually 2 catfights. Gen came out of that one scratched and tested from start to finish by the tall newcomer, Lola.

One of Gen's biggest fans though asked for Gen to face her with the fingerless fighting gloves on then remove one of them about halfway through the catfight. Gen thought it over and thought this type of match would be in her favor. Just like when the idea was presented to Lola she thought it'd be in her favor. Both of these Catfigh ters are very confident in their abilities and Gen to the point of just prior to the match telling Lola in a short verbal sparring session they had "I'll even let you pull my hair and I won't pull yours and I'll still beat you."

Lola didn't need that advantage but she said that Gen was being stupid so she was going to show her something about running her mouth.

Total Running Time of: 28:59 / 1.04 gigs.


Gen vs. Alexis - Competitive Catfight - Sponsored Topless Match


Gen's 1st and only full topless match ever.

After a Haven Meet and Greet / Live Show Gen and Alexis were asked by a few of the sponsors if they were interested in a privately viewed competitive topless match against each other.

Both jumped at the offer and went at it with neither wanting to lose in front of the group of sponsors. Grappling and hair pulling with both gaining falls in this competitive and exhausting battle.

Total Running Time of: 24:24 / 898 megs.


Ariana vs. Adrianne 2 - Competitive Catfight - "The Rematch" .wmv or .mov format


Re-released by popular demand: The competitive catfight rematch between Ariana and Adrianne.

Newly remastered and definitely a Thumbs Up here. These two had wanted a rematch since the controversial ending of their first bout, which if you'll remember was Ariana's first catfight. Well she came in well trained, bigger and stronger than before and couldn't wait to get things started. Adrianne was as equally enthusiastic about the fight and believe me when I say it was a good one. Hair pulling, hard slapping to the face and head, grueling scissors to the head and body along with other submission holds. Wow is all I can say about this one.

Total Running Time of: 26:07 / 967 megs.


Gen vs. Dani - Competitive Tournament Catfight


Competitive Action: The second of a 3 catfight series featuring Gen, Dani and Sarah.

Hairpulling, slaps to the face head and body, various submission holds and solid body punches.

Gen and Dani have always had a bit of a rivalry at CFH. Anytime they got the chance to face each other they jumped at it and this one was no different. Great action for sure. *Stay tuned! The final match of this tournament series will be re-released at a lower price and higher quality soon.

Total Running Time of: 30:50 / 1.10 gigs. Great action as feisty Gen takes on the ever so bitchy, Dani


Raven vs. Dece - Catfight "Raven's 1st ever match at CFH"


Competitive Action: This was Raven's first ever match at CFH and against a younger blonde who neither at that time knew they'd grow a hate filled rivalry with each other. Hair pulling, humiliating pins and slapping as Raven gets her first taste of action at Catfight Haven and against a cocky, trash talking blonde in Dece. Total running time: 19:13 and 704 megs.


Mandi vs. Marie - Private Competitive Catfight


Competitive Action: While other girls were downstairs in the main room battling it out on the mats for a few spectators who had sponsored the matches, Mandi had challenged Marie to a match upstairs in a spectator's room. That spectator was Mandi's mother. She had wanted a match with Marie and thought she'd give herself some added incentive by fighting in front of her mom who we were actively trying to recruit at the time as well. 28:37 and 1.03 gigs.


Keree vs. Gen #1 - Competitive Catfight


Competitive Action: Keree's first ever catfight vs. Gen. Hair Pulling and intense action throughout. Awesome catfight for sure. Total Running Time of: 31:01 / 1.12 gigs. These two girls proved their toughness in this one. Simply said "A great Catfight"


Kathy vs. Yana - Competitive Catfight


Competitive Action: Kathy, a world class wrestler takes on Yana, a martial artists and catfighter in a competitive catfight. Intense action from start to finish. Total Running Time of: 27:15 / 970 megs. Pic #9 shows Kathy posing just before the last round of the fight.

Nicki vs. Kaycee - Competitive Catfight


Nicki vs. Kaycee in their first catfight vs. each other and for CFH. Great action between these beautiful young women. Blonde vs. Brunette newcomers battle it out for the victory and their own pride. Total running time: 26:58 min. --- 432 megs

Nicki vs. Tia 2 - Competitive Catfight "Challenge Rematch"


Click the thumbnail below for a short preview:

Tia wanted a rematch with Nicki and agreed. With one CFH Fan/Friend looking on as well as a couple of other girls, neither wanted to lose. Intensely fought but leaving one of them humbled to say the least. Total running time: 27:05 min. --- 391 megs

Chan'el vs. Keree - Competitive Catfight


Chan'els first match and vs. the larger more powerful Keree. Both have something to prove here. Hair pulling, grappling and submissions as they battle for pride and of course the win. Great competition throughout. Total running time: 25:16 min. --- 279 megs



***KF / CFH: "Competitive Catfight " - Hair Pulling, Some Slaps, Grueling submisisons and attempts, Shirt ripping all as the intensity last throughout as Nicki doesn't want to lose and Kaycee wants to get a win more than anyone knows. Great action from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***CFH: Plenty of action in this competitive Catfight Rematch between that fought very intensely during their first match leaving scabbed over bald spots on each other's scalps. They wanted a rematch and they got it.


***Kitty Fights: Kaycee vs Nicki in jean shorts as they go at it in this competitive match that features hair pulling, some slapping and grueling submissions as neither of these young fighters go at it.


***Catfight Haven: Nicki vs Tia, a classic brunette vs blonde catfight with Tia being determined not to let the newcomer beat her and Nicki wanting to go ahead and make a name for herself and let the fans know she is and can be aggressive on the mats. Some very good "fire" from both girls here with neither wanting to lose.


***Catfight Haven: Bikini Catfight - Jameson vs Nicki with the sponsor watching live. Great action between these two Cats. The 21 year old blonde seeks to make a name for herself yet at CFH.



***Catfight Haven presents: LIVE SHOW ACTION: Holly vs Vera & Kitty vs Mandi. Two competitive matches with great action and you have the choice to get one or get em' both on download or dvd.


Lola vs. Newcomer Crickett in a pin / submission match...
Completely remastered in higher definition.



***CFH Catfights: Jameson vs. Tia Competitive Intensely fought Catfight. Renee gets the two girls to step it up a notch in this one and they both want a victory in the worst way. You'll see these two in action like never before as this rivalry builds.


***CFH Catfights: Candy vs. Dece! A well documented rivalry inside CFH with the two girls finally meeting at the Haven for a hair pulling catfight. Competitive, intensely fought and hair pulling galore. First time out on Download.


***Catfight Haven competitive action: Tia vs. Ciara and Ciara vs. Gen in seperate hair pulling catfights.


Gina vs. Mandi Competitive Catfight


Gen vs. Zoe in their second competitive catfight. A lot of hairpullling action here.


Mandi vs. Dece Live Catfight. "Dece brings out Mandi's Cat" in this match that ranks as one of the best from the live shows per all the hair pulling fans. (Coming back in 2018 in a higher quality)


6 Matches w/ Ashlynn, Danielle, and Tia (also noted in Kitty Corner)



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