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***Competitive ACTION***

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We will be switching the videos on this page out every few months so make sure to add these to your collection before they're gone.

Raven The Mistress Live Catfight...


Raven vs The Mistress in a live action catfight. Great action from start to finish between two women that respected each other greatly off the mats but had a great rivalry on the mats.

"Raven and I first met in a trial bout after she and Dece went at it their very first time just to see what she had. She couldn't stand to come up on the receiving end of a pin or restraint of any kind. She got so frustrated and I believe had I said "let's cut the camera and step outside to see" she'd have jumped at the chance on that very first meeting.

Afterward we met at CC-1 and the in a competitive pin match that she won. We had a sponsored private match that left little to the imagination in the way of intensity and it was one of a few shorter such bouts we had to include those at small meet and greets. She loved the competition, hated losing to anyone but with me, she left it all on the mats".

Total Running Time of 18:29 / 490 megs / $16.95



Raven vs The Mistress Oil Tournament Finals...


A great competitive bout between Raven and The Mistress in the finals of the oil tournament.

A longstanding rivalry developed from this one and the facesit pin championship between these two. Very evenly matched from the way they grew up fighting through any type of competition they engaged in. There might have been a slight edge to the use of the legs on the mats (various scissor holds etc.) but other than that these two were almost identical in size, strength, competitive nature and fighting experience prior to the Haven / aside from any type of production match.

Total Running Time of 24:57 min. / 679 megs / $18.95


Tori vs The Mistress Catfight (fast paced and intense)... PLUS: Candy vs Marie (intense)...


Tori wanted this match and was hyped up by her sponsor / partner. She had no production catfight background / history but did say she had a fighting background, having been in a few fights through the years. She was very competitive and strong to say the least as well as eager to pull hair, slap and hit the mats rollilng hard. Great action in this one.

In addition to the first one mentioned here, we're adding Candy vs Marie in an intense catfight... My scalp hurt watching this one...

Total Running Time of 24:12 / 658 megs / $19.95


Mandi vs The Mistress Competitive



Competitive match with hair pulling, pins, submissions and much more in this most falls wins bout.

A group of fans wanted Mandi to make a comeback to the Haven in a catfight against me so we arranged it for the same weekend as another sponsor who arranged for a friend of his to have competitive matches against both Mandi and I.

This of course is my competitive match vs Mandi. Great action throughout and with the intro of my match against Tori to show you that she was full of adrenaline and ready to go.

Total Running Time of 26:38 / 725 megs / $21.95


Candy vs. Raven Bitch Fight...


NOTE: Higher quality than the vidcaps.

What is considered by many to be one of the best catfights to come out of the Haven as these two plainly dislike each other. Hair pulling, slapping, bitch talking, and much more as these two go at each other in their second catfight. Filmed after day #1 of filming at one of our live shows. Late at night with a few sponsors watching while others are just outside the double doors having a few drinks while peering through the doors and windows. Re-released in a higher quality than originally released. You'll see each of these two at their best.

Don't miss this one guys. I'm sure you'll be glad you added it to your collection and especially if you like to see two everyday girls next door catting it out.

Total Running Time of: 26:55 / 987 megs / $21.95


Ariana vs. Adrianne 2 - Competitive Catfight - "The Rematch"


Re-released by popular demand: The competitive catfight rematch between Ariana and Adrianne.

Newly remastered and definitely a Thumbs Up here. These two had wanted a rematch since the controversial ending of their first bout, which if you'll remember was Ariana's first catfight. Well she came in well trained, bigger and stronger than before and couldn't wait to get things started. Adrianne was as equally enthusiastic about the fight and believe me when I say it was a good one. Hair pulling, hard slapping to the face and head, grueling scissors to the head and body along with other submission holds. Wow is all I can say about this one.

Total Running Time of: 26:07 / 967 megs.

Mandi vs Gina Catfight


*NOTE: Video quality is much higher than these pics. They're lower quality vidcaps.

Gina is one girl I always wanted to go against. She's 5'08" and between 135 - 145 and just has that look about her. Off that thought and onto this match...

Mandi vs. Gina features some very catty action between these two as they combine catty slapping, hair pulling, headlocks and various submissions in a hard fought competitive match. This is the best I've seen Mandi and the newcomer Gina does very well to say the least. Not one to take a slap without answering in kind and likely again for good measure.

As the pics display, Mandi starts in a mini skirt and Gina in bra and panties they soon end up topless while still going at it with both wanting a win very badly as well as to prove a point to each other, themselves and their significant others who were in the room watching the action.

Great action throughout.

You'll want to add this one to your collection for sure.

29:05 min. --- 791 megs --- $21.95 --- .mp4 format



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