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Catfight Customs from Catfight Haven, Cruel Vixens, Kitty Fights and others.

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Briella Jaden vs. Angel Lee "Fashionably Late"

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Briella vs. Angel "Fashionably Late"

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Completely fed up with Angel's lack of desire to be on time anywhere, Briella snaps. They should have been out the door some time ago and Angel who has no problem with being late is laying on the bed getting ready to watch one of her favorite t.v. series. Whether 10 - 15 minutes late or an hour late Angel calls it "Fashionably Late" and is in no rush to get out the door, ever. Wearing sexy dresses, the two beauties start arguing then begin to fight, hair pulling, legs entangled, clawing combined with a few waist and head scissors. At one point it seems the fight is over with one admitting defeat, then the action erupts again. Total Running Time of: 15:53 / 584 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.



Kobe vs. Ashlynn "Holds & Tactics"

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First time in a hi-quality download and this was Ashlynn's first and only visit to CFH before she retired after having a few competitive fights as well as custom catfights at Kitty Fights. She is one of the few that had a fighting background through her youth like our owner. Raven, Dece and Candy are just a few of the others. Kobe and Ashlynn try a few grueling holds and tactics on each other putting each other in various degrees of pain until one submits. Don't miss out on adding this one to your collection. Total Running Time of: 20:12 / 742 megs


Tia vs. Candle "Grapevines and Smothers"

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The sexy Tia and Candle have a grapevine competition that includes breast smothers and a bit of hair pulling also.  Both have long sexy legs and while wearing sports bras and short skirts, they go back and forth applying grapevines on each other.  Starting on the hardwood floor, then moving to the bed.  Great action for the lover of grapevine pins, sexy women with long legs and short skirts.  A special added bonus at the end at the request of the sponsor.  It shows Candle's flexibility for sure. Don't miss out on adding this one to your collection. Total Running Time of: 29:57 / 1.08 gigs***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Candle vs. Sandy "Cougar Next Door" Custom Catfight

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Candle was upset that her husband had been paying way too much attention to Sandy when she'd be out in her yard working or if she were invited over to their house to lay out at the pool. So she decided to talk it out with Sandy. Well, the talk quickly turned into a catfight full of hair pulling, breast and crotch clawing, some face scratching, punching until one ends up beaten with one of their bikini bottoms stuffed in her mouth. Total Running Time of: 22:31 / 833 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Adrianne vs. Gen "Roomates Scuffle" Hard Hitting Custom Catfight

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Preview pics were taken from the first 2 min. of the video. Action throughout as Gen and Adrianne seem to want to see who can take the most punishment. Adrianne's hubby and Gen's best friend were both watching "These two roommates get into it and go hard with hair pulling, hard punches and knees and a few kicks to the stomach as they try and beat each other down. Total Running Time of: 16:04 / 590 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Missy vs. Sandy "Bitch Fight" Catfight

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Mature women catfight till one is left beaten and humiliated in the center of the living room floor. An argument ensues between old friends and escalates into a hair pulling, clawing catfight. Total Running Time of: 12:39 / 464 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Angel vs. Sandy "He Wants Me!" the prelude to "Fighting For Him"

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"He Wants Me!" is the prelude to "Fighting For Him". Angel's patiently waiting on her boyfriend to show who by the way is Sandy's husband. Sandy shows up instead and decides to show the young girl that she's no match for her in the breast department or the breast clawing department as the two claw, pinch and twist leaving one of them totally humiliated and lying defeated in the floor. Total Running Time of: 12:09 / 419 megs


CFH: Catball Catfight: Hair Pulling, rolling on floor & more.
CFH: Intense Breast Attacks, crotch attacks and more.
CFH: Hair Pulling Pregnant Cats.
CFH: Breast Attacks, crotch attacks and more.


CFH: Hair Pulling, breast clawing and much more.
KF / CFH: Hair pulling, crotch & breast clawing plus more.
CFH: Hair pulling, clawing, submissions & more.


CFH: Nails & Hair Pulling in "Aunt Sandy" Once a Bitch...
CFH: Lingerie to a nude ending, hair pulling, clawing *more.
KF: Awesome custom catfight. Clawing, hair pulling & more.
KF: Slapping and hair pulling are par for the course here.


CFH: Grueling hair pulling action and clawing.
CFH: Hard Hitting custom catfight. "Time to Choose"
CFH: Action packed wrestling and catfighting.
CFH / KF: Sprited holds competition.


CFH: Holds Competition between two rivals.
CV: A male slave is taught respect from hisMistress.
KF: These two maul each other after a road rage incident
KF: Candle's stepmom dishes it out while dad is away.


KF: "Who's Tougher" Holds - Hot Blonde Natalie takes on Danielle in a holds competition to see who's the best.

***KF is now making a lot of it's material from the Club KF archives available in the Kitty Corner. This is just one of many that will finally be open to the fans who weren't members at the time.


KF/CFH: "Ransom" - For Her Husband! with Kaycee fighting for her husband and money against Nicki the blonde stranger who kidnaped the sexy brunette's husband.


SR/CFH: Kobe vs Candle in a breast and crotch clawing fight with hair pulling after one of them basically steals the car payment instead of using for the intended purpose.


SR/CFH: Kobe vs Candle in an intense and erotic trib fight till one of them just can't take it any longer.


SR / CFH: New Cougar, River takes on the sexy Kobe in a TIT Fight as both claw, twist and scratch each other's natural breasts. A tad of hair pulling as well as these two go the duration to see who will come out on top.


CFH: Jameson vs Nicki using various holds / tactics on each other. Bear Hugs, Waist and Head Scissors, Hair Pulling, Full Nelsons and Arm Wrestling.


SR / CFH: Cougar vs Cougar! New Cougar, River challenges Sandy to a tit fight as she tries to prove her large full naturals can take more punishment than Sandy's tits can.


KF: Belly Punching, Natalie, Leah and Sophie punch each other's taunt bellys, get frustrated, go for the hair and then back to the bellys until only one of them is left standing victorious.



Two women sit facing each other topless and in pantyhose. They decide to see who is the more dominant by breast clawing and hair pulling until one admits defeat. "Silent Movie" Enjoy the action and see who has the toughest tits and scalp.


CFH: Sandy, the Haven's original Cougar takes on Kobe in a jeans and topless tit clawing, twisting, mashing fight with hair pulling added in for good measure. Does Kobe taken the Cougar Sandy down or does the mature bitch prevail?



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