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Catfight Customs from Catfight Haven (produced and owned by CFH)


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Sophie vs Elly (blonde) "You're Not All That"!


NOTE: Higher quality than the photos.

Blonde Elly is working a modelling gig and after going over her time by an hour which is costing Sophie both money and time, well let's just say Sophie is a little more than pissed. The photographer let Sophie come in a little early due to his forgetfulness of having set Elly up so he just throws his hands up and says "Okay, look I totally screwed up. You're going to have to settle ti with Elly. Y'all figure something out."

The video starts after the two can't come to an agreement and Sophie just rushes in and starts fighting with the taller blonde.

Total Running Time of 17:12 / 467 megs/ $14.95


Kobe vs River Tit Fight! "No enhanced breast here and the twisting and clawing is awesome"


NOTE: Higher quality than the photos.

Imagine the more mature business woman, wife or waitress being challenged by the younger woman. They agree to settle it by having a tit fight which they know is one of your favorite types of matches. Kobe with youth and endurance on her side while River is more cunning and has seen her fair share of altercations of all types but who is as noted, older and might not have the stamina that Kobe has.

River the new Cougar at the Haven goes nail to nail with Kobe as the two women claw, pinch and twist each others all natural breast. Their nails sink into the tender flesh and their facial expressions tell the story as they battle it out for YOU, the fans.

Total Running Time of: 22:29 / 610 megs/ $19.95


Angel vs Bri "Old Feuds Never Die" (Custom Catfight)



Angel and Bri are longtime friends who haven't seen each other in a few years. They shared a lot of interest when they were roommates and wrestling or catfighting happened to be one of them. They both had mixed sessions but when they were home alone or with their boyfriends, they'd wrestle or have a friendly little hair pulling catfight that would occasionally get out of hand.

Bri was invited by Angel to stop by and see her if she ever passed through so she took her up on the offer.

Once they'd gotten all the small talk out of the way, it was that small fire that burned inside of each one of them to see which one could kick the other's ass. Although friends, that one interest they shared allowed them to establish the pecking order or determine who the Queen was so to speak.

Hair pulling, belly punching, tit clawing and well basically catfighting all over the furniture to see who was the better fighter between the two.

Great action throughout.

This one will make a great addition to your collection.

406 megs / 14:56 min. running time

.mp4 format


Natalie vs Dani in "Beauticians Brawl" (An awesome custom with plenty of slaps and more)...



In this feature from the Kitty Corner, Natalie the shorter blonde and Danielle are two beauticians and roomates who get into an argument as one has accused the other of stealing her client. It quickly leads to the two of them fighting over the issue.

Personal note: I truly enjoyed watching Natalie's reaction(s) to the slaps from Dani in this one. For several reasons but it's something I focused on while watching this originally and again with the playbacks etc. I won't elaborate any further here but will in the member's area in the near future.

570 megs / 20:57 min. running time

.mp4 format


Dani vs The Mistress in "Protective Mom or Jealous EX?" II (Hard Hitting Custom)


The follow up to the first one is "Protective Mom or Jealous EX II

After a lot of harassment in general and several phone spats and even trashing of her yard, and her car getting mysteriously keyed Renee had taken out a restraining order against her ex husband's new flame. Renee had left her garage open so Dani came through and barged upstairs without notice to confront Renee once again and these two hellcats fought once again in a rough and tumble catfight.

Great hard hitting action throughout.

You'll want to add this one to your collection for sure. If you didn't get the first installment of these two going at it you need to be sure and do so.

511 megs / 18:48 min. running time

.mp4 format


Dani vs The Mistress in "Protective Mom or Jealous EX?" I (Hard Hitting Custom)


Renee, the Ex-Wife has issues with the new girlfriend / soon to be wife of her ex husband and the way she treats her children. The two meet and hash things out in the only way they know how. Slaps, hair pulling, hard body punching and fighting all over the furniture.

Let's say this bitch fight was bound to happen regardless because it'd been brewing for a long time.

Aside from this hard hitting custom these two really love going at each other with both saying that they'd choose the other one to watch their back if the proverbial sh*t hit the fan and if they had to choose someone at the top of their list they wanted to fight it'd be each other as well.

Great hard hitting action throughout.

You'll want to add this one to your collection for sure.

325 megs / 11:57 min. running time

.mp4 format


Dani, Tia and The Mistress in "The Mistake " (Hard Hitting Custom)


Hard slaps, punches, kicks and more as these three aggressively dish it out and take it.

Renee questions her friends and roomates about her money being missing. Well the finger then gets pointed at one of the other two. After she is punched, slapped and kicked hard she tries to explain herself while pointing the finger at the other girl. Then the tables are turned on her with the same harsh punishment.

After that's over with and the two explain themselves once again, Renee remembers "ooops, I made a mistake". The two girls are pissed off now and take turns dishing out their own brand of ass kicking on Renee.

So in the reality of it all, Dani and Renee have always loved dishing it out to each other and basically have a love / hate relationship or better said a respect / hate relationship. They'd have each other's back if need be but love to kick each other's ass as well.

Now for Tia who is holding Dani while Renee takes it all out on her, accusing her of stealing her money. After a thorough beating / humiliation Dani is released and Renee doesn't think she took the money after all. Dani immediately points the finger at Tia so Renee grabs her from behind and Dani is now the one dishing out the punishment instead of taking it. All I can say is "poor Tia". I'll leave it at that and you can watch the rest.

Great hard hitting action throughout.

You'll want to add this one to your collection for sure.

463 megs / 17:02 min. running time

.mp4 format


Savanna vs Adrianne: "Blondes Battle"


Breast and crotch attacks along with hair pulling plus more as these two just get catty as hell as they go to battle...

391 megs / 14:24 running time.

.mp4 format.


Tia vs Candle "He Likes Hair Pulling"


Candle confides in her friend Tia, the morning after a girls night that her (Candle's) boyfriend likes hair pulling both between two women and when they're in bed together. She then ask Tia for some pointers and shortly after finds out that Tia's been doing a little hair pulling of her own with none other than her (Candle's) boyfriend. Candle doesn't take too kindly to this and what started out as a little hair pulling demonstration turns into a battle between the two beauties. Total Running Time of 15:14 / 414 megs / $13.95



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