A Good Mixture of Hot Blooded Competition with Hard Hitting Custom Action as well as other styles of custom videos.
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Catfight Customs from Catfight Haven, Cruel Vixens, Kitty Fights and others.

***Custom ACTION***

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Sasha vs. Lexi "Apartment House CatFight / Wrestling" Topless & Nude

"Ready to Order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $23.95

These two women contrast in height and weight but not in attitude as they battle it out in two apartment house catfight wrestling bouts. Scissors to the head and waist, chokes, pins, hair pulling, clawing and tussling while standing and on the floor and bed.

30:09min. / 820 megs / .mp4 format.


Kobe Lee vs. Sandy (the Haven's Original Cougar) "Tit Wars 2"

"Ready to Order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $17.95

Sandy and Kobe go at it again in a breast battle that leaves only one of the two women proud and victorious as the other lie humiliated and beaten after their second Tit Fight!

Hair pulling, a few face and crotch attacks as well as these two who've battled once before in a Tit Clawing Fight go at it again.

21:12 min. / 574 megs / .mp4 format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


DOUBLE FEATURE "Tired Of It" Featuring Megan vs Mia and "Domination of the Cougar" featuring Sandy, as the humiliated Cougar...

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $14.95

This double feature has a little of everything. "Domination of the Cougar" The video picks up after the Cougar loses a (loser gets dominated) match to her foe and has been bound to a chair. Her opponent chooses a mystery woman to come in and teach her a lesson by binding her to a chair and totally humiliating her with clawing, belly punching, a few face pops and a tad bit of hair pulling as well.

This is followed by the new "Tired Of It". Mia has grown tired of Megan not washing the dishes or basically pulling her weight. Punches and kicks are thrown as these two go at it in their undies. 16:39 in length for both of these roommate squabbles.

.wmv format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Missy vs. Sandy: "Grannies Go At It!"

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $18.95

Missy vs. Sandy in a holds competition that includes: *hair pulling, *waist scissors, *seated head scissors, *arm wrestling and *breast clawing as they go after each other's large tits. Only one of these mature women come out on top.

605 megs / 22:20 running time.

.mp4 format.


Adrianne vs. Kobe: Thieving Bitch!

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $18.95

Adrianne vs. Kobe in "Thieving Bitch" Kobe is fast asleep when Adrianne sneaks in her room to quietly "borrow" money from Kobe. Kobe wakes up, catching her in the act and a fight ensues that has these two slapping, hair pulling, and clawing each other until one of them comes out on top, leaving the other lying there beaten.

587 megs / 21:36 running time.

.mp4 format.


Jasmin vs. Angel: Holds Contest

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $19.95

Jasmin Jai vs. Angel holds competition that include:

*First to Submit (grappling on the mats with hair pulling and submission holds in an attempt to gain a submission.

*Head Scissors, *Facesit Pins, *Arm Wrestling, *Waist Scissors and

*First to Pin (grappling on the mats in attempt to be the first to get the other in a secured pin.

861 megs / 23:15 running time.

.wmv format.


Kobe Lee vs Angel Lee DOUBLE FEATURE: Clawing Catfight and a Custom Strip Catfight

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $23.95

Kobe vs Angel in a nude clawing match that features Tit and Crotch clawing galore.

Grueling clawing as they each amp up their intensity as the match goes on. Great action as these two claw, pinch and twist at each other's tits and pussy. One of my personal favorites in this category for sure. Kobe even goes for Angel's hair while clawing her tits at one point to put an exclamation point on the tactic.

The clawing match comes after a custom strip catfight in which the loser of each round must remove an article of clothing. Both women start out in lingerie and end up completely nude using hair pulling, grapevines, straddle pins, head and waist scissors along with other tactics to try to gain the submission from the other. Even one or two slaps are added in for a bit more spice.

Great action in both of these matches. Also these are two of my all time favorites featuring Kobe vs Angel... :)

859 megs / 31:40 running time.

.mp4 format.


MUCH HIQHER QUALITY: Kobe vs. River "Tit Fight" (Mature Cougar vs. the younger Kobe)


Kobe had beaten Sandy twice in tit fights and River stepped up to challenge her. The busty mature cougar vs. Kobe in a tit fight with great clawing action plus more as they battle for supremacy at the expense of both having tender / sensitive breasts and sensitive nipples.


606 megs / 22:17 min. running time

.mp4 format


MUCH HIQHER QUALITY: Jade vs. Nikki "Crossing The Line" (Catfight)


Nikki vs. Jade in a great Custom Catfight that of course features both of these Catty Newcomers. Hair pulling, crotch clawing, breast clawing, hard wedgies that cause both of the girls to grimace in pain and much more action.

It all begins when Nikki sees that her own boyfriend's pic is on the front of Jade's phone. Not to bad you say. He's nude in the pic and this infuriates Nikki to the point of wanting to kick her long time friend's ass and in a bad way.

Great action throughout.

You'll want to add this one to your collection for sure.

442 megs / 16:18 min. running time

.mp4 format


MUCH HIQHER QUALITY: Jasmin vs. Angel "Private Eye"



"PRIVATE EYE" features Angel as a private investigator whose client has hired her in order to get back his rather expensive watch and ring. The items were allegedly stolen by a woman he was having an affair with. One that he thought was honest.

She makes a habit of blackmailing the well to do married men she goes out with. After choosing him as a target and going out with him, she finds out she wouldn't be able to blackmail him because he and his wife have a very open relationship. Instead she made off with his rolex and wedding ring while leaving him sleeping in the bed.

Angel had been trailing Jasmin for a couple of months now and had realized almost immediately that this was a girl she'd had a rivalry with back in high school. They'd fought twice then with both fights being even, but broken up by teachers before they were finished with each other.

Angel had broken into Jasmin's house the previous day to try and find her client's belongings with no luck, so here she is quietly prying open the rear door of Jasmin's home while a teen she'd paid a few dollars to, rings the front doorbell to draw the blackmailing thief's attention.

Once inside she finds quickly that talking isn't going to work the two women get into a fight that involves hair pulling, choking, knees to the crotch and stomach and clawing.

We truly hope you enjoy this custom video.

592 gigs / 21:48 min. running time

.mp4 format


MUCH HIQHER QUALITY: Jameson vs. Kendall "Office Wars" (Catfight in the Breakroom)



Jameson and Kendall, two girls that work in the same office have never gotten along. Always staring at each other with hate filled eyes, making rude comments to other co-workers about each other but have never gone face to face to settle their differences. Finally Kendall approaches Jameson in the breakroom while the redhead is sitting and relaxing for a bit.

Nature takes it's course so to speak with a quick "I've been waiting for this for a long time" from Kendall and Jameson then gets up out of her seat to reply to her with both knowing they're about to be tied up in a catball on the floor with their hands in each other's hair.


1.07 gigs / 40:26 min. running time

.mp4 format


NEWLY RELEASED: "Sister's Battle" Ariana vs. Dana


Ariana's boyfriend is coming over and her sister, Dana refuses to change clothes. Words lead to hair pulling, hard slaps, body punches and grueling holds between the two as this two part catfight wages on between these two who have a lot of pent up anger between them.

This two part Custom Catfight begins with Dana taking offense to her sister asking her to change out of her comfortable clothing, then after their first skirmish, shows her coming back in dressed very similar to her sister and with a bit of an attitued which leads to the second catfight between the two. GREAT ACTION IN THIS ONE.

800 megs / 29:25 running time.

.mp4 format.


NEW COUGAR: "Savannah vs. Sandy" Test of Strength and Catball Catfight


The newest Cougar to step into action at CFH, Savannah takes on the Original Cougar, Sandy first in a test of strength that evolves into a Catball Catfight.

Hair pulling, tangled legs and trash talk as the Queen of the Cougars, Sandy takes on newcomer Savannah first in a test of strength for a fan that turns into a Catball Catfight!

Sandy doesn't back down from this 5'11" Cougar and wants to let her know she's dealing with the O.C. at CFH while the newcomer doesn't back down. Both promise there'll be a rematch at a later date and that is in the works right now at the release of this very recent match.

Don't miss this hot new release between these two mature women!

1.16 gigs / 32:06 running time.

.wmv format.


Battle of the Cougars "Sandy vs. River" Catfight


New Cougar, River has shown up to take on the Haven's Original Cougar, Sandy and the two engage in a hair pulling tit fight with a few crotch claws thrown in for good measure. The two battle it out in jeans and bras, stripping each other's tops off first then later their jeans, fighting topless and letting their nails do the talking.

548 megs / 20:09 running time.

.mp4 format.


Destiny vs. Rachel "Rivals"

"Higher Quality and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $17.95

Fast paced action as always when these two are involved. Chokes (variations of), scissors to the head and body, hair pulling and grappling as these two rivals do their best to best the other using these and other tactics. Great action in this custom catfight.

665 megs / 23:17 running time.

.mp4 format


Adrianne vs. Ariana "Fast Food Crisis"

"Higher Quality and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $21.95

Hard hitting fast paced action as Ariana gets pissed off at Adrianne basically just sitting still in the drive thru at a local fast food joint. They exchange words when Ariana invites Adrianne up to her hotel room to settle their little dispute. Just as these two go at it competitively they battle each other like hell in this hard hitting custom catfight. Chokes, hard stomach punches, hair pulling and more are par for the course here as these two women fight it out in this catfight from Catfight Haven.

1 gig / 27:49 running time.

.wmv format.


Angel vs. Em "Making of a Catfighter - 2".

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $16.95

Newcomer Em was scheduled for a competitive match against another newcomer who cancelled just prior to the match. Angel was on hand for a requested custom match against Em so we filmed it and hope you'll enjoy it. We titled it "Making of a Catfighter - 2" using this to see Em's progression in various types of matches.

So after viewing if you'd like to see Em in a competitive match vs. Tia or some newcomers or see her in your own custom video, please let us know. This is her first time here and we're hoping to see a lot more out of this newcomer each and every outing.

695 megs / 18:54 running time.

.wmv format.


Mature "Belly Punching" Zoomed in on their mature Bellys.

"Re-Added at a Higher Quality" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $7.95

Hard Belly Punching as these two mature Catfighters pummel each other's stomachs. The camera is zoomed in on the action to give you the close up action as they moan or grunt with each hard punch. 320 megs / 9:01

.wmv format.


Ginger vs. Sandy "Southern Vixens Catfight" w / custom holds as chosen by the sponsors.

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $17.95

The second in the Queen Sandy series. She had something that made women around her back down from confrontation off camera. She was always a great friend to all but you always knew where you stood. Here Ginger pushes her buttons and tries her in a room full of sponsors looking on. Crotch and Breast attacks, hair pulling, straddle and full body pins and more as these two try to defeat and embarrass the other in front of the sponsors. 781 megs / 21:08

.wmv format.


Megan Jones vs. Mia AnnaBella "Session Girls Gone Wild" #1 & #2 Two Seperate Matches.

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $23.95

DOUBLE FEATURE: Megan Jones vs. Mia AnnaBella in Session Girls Gone Wild parts #1 and #2.

Match #1: "You Stole My Client!" Session Girls Gone Wild #1 - 33:05 / 1.19 megs (combined)

Match #2: Session Girls Gone Wild #2 - Submissions! Teacher vs. Student

.wmv format.


Candy vs. Kobe "Clawing Catball Catfight"

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $21.95

Candle and Kobe decide to settle things woman to woman in their private office breakroom. They both work out of a privately home owned business and have just had enough of each other. Kobe has grown tired of Candle and visa-versa as the two go at it in this hot catball catfight with face clawing and other catty tactics as they battle it out standing as well as rolling on the floor.

Running time 27:05 / .98 gigs

.wmv format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


"Once a Bitch, Always a Bitch!" Angel vs. Sandy


Angel was young when her parents divorced with her father leaving her mother to marry her mother's sister, Sandy. Angel blamed all of this on her Aunt. Then when she was a junior in highschool her Aunt began getting close to her, getting into clubs at an early age and the two became good friends.

Angel's fianc'e had just broken off their engagement and her heart was crushed so Sandy offered a girl's weekend together near the beach to help her get over everything. They were in the bathroom getting ready to go out when Sandy stepped out. Her phone receives a message and Angel noticed scrolling across the top of the screen "Love you" and it ended with the same cute saying that her fianc'e used to text her. She swiped the screen and checked the full message to find out it was indeed him. Furious, she calmly asks Sandy about the message and the two women who'd never been in a fight before ended up going at it.

Nails to the face, arms, shoulders and throats along with hair pulling are on the menu for this catfight between the Aunt who says it's all a coincidence and the Niece who knows that Sandy's a man stealing bitch and once a bitch, always a fucking bitch!

16:41 / 241 megs

.wmv format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Sandy vs. Dana "Don't Talk About Me" Custom Catfight!

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $17.95

Sandy vs. Dana "Don't Talk About Me" Sandy confronts her old friend, Dana about running all over town and talking shit about her. Dana takes offense to the accusation and a catfight ensues. Hair pulling, breast and crotch attacks with trash talking and more action. 22:16 / 824 megs and in .wmv format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.



Angel vs. Jasmin "Custom Scissors and Pins" competition!

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THIS DOWNLOAD SECURELY BELOW... $13.95

Angel vs. Jasmin using Scissorss and Pins in this custom Holds Competition. 15:57 / 587 megs and in .wmv format.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Cali Logan vs. Sandy "Belly Punching" in pantyhose!


Cali is in town visiting Sandy and both are in pantyhose and bras sitting on the sofa together chatting before they finish getting dressed to go out. Sandy, just out of the blue brings up a custom request she has for a stomach punching video and ask Cali if she'd be interested in taking part in it with her.

Cali agrees and the two walk to an open area of the room and trade punches until they can't take it any longer. Along the way, one of them raises the stakes and slaps the other's crotch and later when least expected, that favor is returned with another cheap shot. 31:20 / 1.13 gigs.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Sandy vs. Angel "Killing My Buzz" and Jasmin vs. Angel "Gettin' Catty" DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

"NEWLY ADDED and ready to order" ...ORDER THESE TWO DOWNLOADS SECURELY BELOW... $19.95 for Both...

Feature #1: "Killing My Buzz" - Sandy is ready to party and Angel is taking her sweet time and is using the bathroom when Sandy comes back in the room and confronts her. The trash talking starts, the claws come out and the clawing and hair pulling begin as these two try and settle a long overdue fued. 10:45 / 383 megs.

Feature #2: "Gettin' Catty" - These two roomates decide to go at it at the urging of two of their male friends using clawing, hair pulling and other catty tactics until one of them can't take any more. 15:24 / 557 megs. ***Videos are higher quality than the vidcaps. GET BOTH TITLES FOR $19.95


Kobe vs. Ashlynn "Holds & Tactics"


First time in a hi-quality download and this was Ashlynn's first and only visit to CFH before she retired after having a few competitive fights as well as custom catfights at Kitty Fights. She is one of the few that had a fighting background through her youth like our owner. Raven, Dece and Candy are just a few of the others. Kobe and Ashlynn try a few grueling holds and tactics on each other putting each other in various degrees of pain until one submits. Don't miss out on adding this one to your collection. Total Running Time of: 20:12 / 742 megs


Tia vs. Candle "Grapevines and Smothers"


The sexy Tia and Candle have a grapevine competition that includes breast smothers and a bit of hair pulling also.  Both have long sexy legs and while wearing sports bras and short skirts, they go back and forth applying grapevines on each other.  Starting on the hardwood floor, then moving to the bed.  Great action for the lover of grapevine pins, sexy women with long legs and short skirts.  A special added bonus at the end at the request of the sponsor.  It shows Candle's flexibility for sure. Don't miss out on adding this one to your collection. Total Running Time of: 29:57 / 1.08 gigs***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Candle vs. Sandy "Cougar Next Door" Custom Catfight


Candle was upset that her husband had been paying way too much attention to Sandy when she'd be out in her yard working or if she were invited over to their house to lay out at the pool. So she decided to talk it out with Sandy. Well, the talk quickly turned into a catfight full of hair pulling, breast and crotch clawing, some face scratching, punching until one ends up beaten with one of their bikini bottoms stuffed in her mouth. Total Running Time of: 22:31 / 833 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Adrianne vs. Gen "Roomates Scuffle" Hard Hitting Custom Catfight


Preview pics were taken from the first 2 min. of the video. Action throughout as Gen and Adrianne seem to want to see who can take the most punishment. Adrianne's hubby and Gen's best friend were both watching "These two roommates get into it and go hard with hair pulling, hard punches and knees and a few kicks to the stomach as they try and beat each other down. Total Running Time of: 16:04 / 590 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Missy vs. Sandy "Bitch Fight" Catfight


Mature women catfight till one is left beaten and humiliated in the center of the living room floor. An argument ensues between old friends and escalates into a hair pulling, clawing catfight. Total Running Time of: 12:39 / 464 megs ***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Angel vs. Sandy "He Wants Me!" the prelude to "Fighting For Him"


"He Wants Me!" is the prelude to "Fighting For Him". Angel's patiently waiting on her boyfriend to show who by the way is Sandy's husband. Sandy shows up instead and decides to show the young girl that she's no match for her in the breast department or the breast clawing department as the two claw, pinch and twist leaving one of them totally humiliated and lying defeated in the floor. Total Running Time of: 12:09 / 419 megs


CFH: Catball Catfight: Hair Pulling, rolling on floor & more.
CFH: Intense Breast Attacks, crotch attacks and more.
CFH: Hair Pulling Pregnant Cats.
CFH: Breast Attacks, crotch attacks and more.


CFH: Hair Pulling, breast clawing and much more.
KF / CFH: Hair pulling, crotch & breast clawing plus more.
CFH: Hair pulling, clawing, submissions & more.


CFH: Holds Competition between two rivals.
KF: Awesome custom catfight. Clawing, hair pulling & more.
KF: Slapping and hair pulling are par for the course here.


CFH: Hard Hitting custom catfight. "Time to Choose"
KF: These two maul each other after a road rage incident
CFH / KF: Sprited holds competition.


KF: "Who's Tougher" Holds - Hot Blonde Natalie takes on Danielle in a holds competition to see who's the best.

***KF is now making a lot of it's material from the Club KF archives available in the Kitty Corner. This is just one of many that will finally be open to the fans who weren't members at the time.


KF/CFH: "Ransom" - For Her Husband! with Kaycee fighting for her husband and money against Nicki the blonde stranger who kidnaped the sexy brunette's husband.


CFH: Jameson vs Nicki using various holds / tactics on each other. Bear Hugs, Waist and Head Scissors, Hair Pulling, Full Nelsons and Arm Wrestling.


KF: Belly Punching, Natalie, Leah and Sophie punch each other's taunt bellys, get frustrated, go for the hair and then back to the bellys until only one of them is left standing victorious.



Two women sit facing each other topless and in pantyhose. They decide to see who is the more dominant by breast clawing and hair pulling until one admits defeat. "Silent Movie" Enjoy the action and see who has the toughest tits and scalp.


CFH: Sandy, the Haven's original Cougar takes on Kobe in a jeans and topless tit clawing, twisting, mashing fight with hair pulling added in for good measure. Does Kobe taken the Cougar Sandy down or does the mature bitch prevail?



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