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Updated 11-15-18

Nicki vs. Kaycee "2" Catfight (CFH)

Updated 11-08-18

Zoe vs. Gen Catfight & Jenn vs. Ashlynn x 2

Updated 11-02-18

Carmen vs. Gen Catfight & Tia vs. Kaycee Catfight

Updated 10-05-18

Hair Pulling Catfight Carmen vs. Gen while pregnant.

Nicki vs. Kaycee "2" Catfight (CFH)
Gen vs. Carmen Catfight
Tia vs. Kaycee
Zoe vs. Gen Catfight
Jenn vs. Ashlynn x 2
Hair Pulling Catfight Gen vs. Carmen
Blonde Molly vs. Jameson competitive
Office Wars (Battle in the Breakroom)
Sister's Battle
Tia vs. Madison Competitive
Savannah vs. Sandy Catball Catfight
Jameson vs. Nicki T.O.S & Catfight
River vs. Sandy "Custom Cat / Tit Fight"
Live Competitive: Holly vs. Mandi "2"
Summer vs. Kitty plus

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From CFH: "Fashionably Late" Briella vs. Angel



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