Cali Logan vs. Sandy "Belly Punching" in pantyhose!

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Cali is in town visiting Sandy and both are in pantyhose and bras sitting on the sofa together chatting before they finish getting dressed to go out. Sandy, just out of the blue brings up a custom request she has for a stomach punching video and ask Cali if she'd be interested in taking part in it with her.

Cali agrees and the two walk to an open area of the room and trade punches until they can't take it any longer. Along the way, one of them raises the stakes and slaps the other's crotch and later when least expected, that favor is returned with another cheap shot. 31:20 / 1.13 gigs.***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Tia vs. Candle "Grapevines and Smothers"


The sexy Tia and Candle have a grapevine competition that includes breast smothers and a bit of hair pulling also.  Both have long sexy legs and while wearing sports bras and short skirts, they go back and forth applying grapevines on each other.  Starting on the hardwood floor, then moving to the bed.  Great action for the lover of grapevine pins, sexy women with long legs and short skirts.  A special added bonus at the end at the request of the sponsor.  It shows Candle's flexibility for sure. Don't miss out on adding this one to your collection. Total Running Time of: 29:57 / 1.08 gigs***Video is higher quality than the vidcaps.


Natalie vs. Danielle from KF


This was not Natalie's first time being in front of the camera with others in the room watching as she showed her stuff but it was Danielle's and Natalie wanted to make sure she wasn't shown up just as much or more than Danielle wanted to make a great impression.

You see no matter the type of match or custom you have set up, everyone involved, if they get a rush of some type from this and plan to come back for more wants to do well. Although a lot different than being in a live show there are still others watching you and more importantly grading you to some extent. Everyone wants to make a good showing and that was true for these two Kittys.

They wanted to meet again not long after this and they did "Beatucian's Brawl" which is now seen as a KF Classic and one that I personally enjoy watching. Watch here as the hot, spunky blonde Natalie takes on the newcomer and now veteran catfighter "Dani" in this hair pulling / punching download.

GREAT ACTION from Kitty Fights.

Total Running Time of: 12:35 / 130 megs / 9.95



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