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Natalie vs. Danielle from KF


This was not Natalie's first time being in front of the camera with others in the room watching as she showed her stuff but it was Danielle's and Natalie wanted to make sure she wasn't shown up just as much or more than Danielle wanted to make a great impression.

You see no matter the type of match or custom you have set up, everyone involved, if they get a rush of some type from this and plan to come back for more wants to do well. Although a lot different than being in a live show there are still others watching you and more importantly grading you to some extent. Everyone wants to make a good showing and that was true for these two Kittys.

They wanted to meet again not long after this and they did "Beatucian's Brawl" which is now seen as a KF Classic and one that I personally enjoy watching. Watch here as the hot, spunky blonde Natalie takes on the newcomer and now veteran catfighter "Dani" in this hair pulling / punching download.

GREAT ACTION from Kitty Fights.

Total Running Time of: 12:35 / 130 megs


Genieve' vs. Zoe "Catfight" from KF

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Much better quality and the full download in this intense and competitive catfight.

These two knew each other before either of them ever appeared at Kitty Fights or Catfight Haven. They weren't fond of each other then and weren't during their stints with either of the production companies either. That made a loss tougher to swallow for either one when they faced off and made for a great competitive match each time as well.

Zoe holds the distinction of being the first Kitty ever recruited for KF and one of the first to ever crossover to CFH when she requested to fight Gen for the first time.

Each of their catfights has more than it's fair share of grueling hair pulling with dark black hair and blonde hair mixed lying all over the fighting surfaces. That alone makes all of their fights both intense and fun to watch.

They faced off for CFH in both their first and second fights, then at KF for this third awesome catfight.

Hair pulling, grueling submission holds while rolling all over the floor and fighting on the sofa and love seat in this competitive match.

Total Running Time of: 32:45 / 890 megs / $21.95


Red head Jenn vs. Ashlynn "Submissions & Pins & an Oil Match" 2 Matches

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Much better quality and both matches in one download.

First a submission / pin match with hair pulling: These two just can't get enough of each other and their competitive nature makes it all the better as these two rivals meet up again. Jenn vs. Ashlynn both attractive, both in red and both competitive in this submisison catfight with hair pulling, scissors and a lot more.

Followed by a bikini oil match: Watch as these two hot Kittys battle it out on a plastic sheet while they're both covered in oil. Submission holds and pins as these two sexy Kats go at it body to body to see who can best the other in the oil.

Total Running Time of: 32:35 / 832 megs / $21.95


Jade vs. Kobe vs. Dani "First Time on Full Download"


Three Kittys face each other twice each as they use a variety of holds and tactics on each other trying their best to gain as many falls as possible. Scissors, various pins, chin locks, hair pulling to enhance the pain of the hold and for takedowns, plus other tactics.

Total Running Time of: 46:51 / 1.30 gigs / $26.95


Destiny vs. Rachel "Rivals"

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Fast paced action as always when these two are involved. Chokes (variations of), scissors to the head and body, hair pulling and grappling as these two rivals do their best to best the other using these and other tactics. Great action in this custom catfight.

665 megs / 23:17 running time.

.mp4 format


Zoe vs. Dream Competitive w/ sponsor watching "Higher Quality"


NOTE: Higher quality than the vidcaps.

These two Kitty's go at it in very tiny bikinis with the sponsor watching live. Zoe at the time had already faced Gen in some awesome catfights and also faced Dream in some rough custom action. They always got catty and turned it into a competitive affair but this time with the sponsor watching both wanted to win badly. Hair pulling, rolling while grappling for submissions and pins in this competitive match. The first part is fought with no mats on the rough carpeted floor, all over the furniture etc. and the second part is fought in the same manner but with mats placed over the rough carpet.

Total Running Time of: 36:38 / 1.32 gigs / $24.95


Jenn vs. Ashlynn Catfight "Higher Quality" Competitive


On a visit I had to KF I spoke with Ashlynn about trying a competitive match. Jenn had already contacted me through emails about the same and working with the Haven on a few matches. I hit the mats with Ashlynn for a custom shoot and found that she pulled hair with the best of them and also had very strong thighs.

They went at it and I can say I was impressed. Both newcomers to this type of match and both wanted to win. Quite a few submissions were gained and even tears were shed by one at the end. The other was "pulling the hell out of her hair" to say the least while applying a hold. I give this one a thumbs up and think you'll see some really good things from both of these two young women in the future.

Total Running Time of: 15:58 / 576 megs / 13.95


Candle vs. Tia "Family Affair"


Two spoiled stepsisters decide to settle their feud in a hair pulling match. Starting with both seated in chairs facing each other, pulling and tugging on each other's hair as they squeal and talk sh*t the two end up on the floor with more of the same hair pulling action until one of them finally gives in. We think you'll really enjoy these two sexy Kitty's going at it in "A Family Affair" Total Running Time of: 19:04 / 665 megs


Hot Blonde Natalie attacks Elle "You're Not All That" pt. #2


"You're Not All That #2" Natalie vs. Elly: Others are jealous of Elly's camera time basically and Natalie happens to be one of those that are. She also along with a few others are tired of Elly's attitude. Well the smaller model Natalie decides to take matters into her own hands after having talked to Sophie and she attacks Elly while at a photo shoot. Total Running Time of: 18:55 / 697 megs


***Kitty Fights & CFH: Rachel vs. Destiny in 2 Catfights that include hard hitting action in what we all agree to be two of the hardest hitting Kitty's of all time. Great action throughout that includes hair pulling, punches, knees, clawing, and much more.


***Kitty Fights & CFH: Crotch, Breast and Hair attacks are par for the course in this one featuring Candle vs. Arielle "Cattin' Roomates".


Kitty Corner: Kenna vs. Brittnee "Tit Clawing / Squeezing" Contest


***Kitty Fights: Stomach punching with Natalie, Sophie and Leah. They punch each other's taunt stomachs, get frustrated and go for the hair then back to the stomachs until only one is left standing, victorious.


***KF / CFH: One that has been highly requested for the download site. Two hot blondes, Dani T. vs. Angel in catfighting action. Clawing galore along with hair pulling and pins as these two get Catty with each other. Great action from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***KF / CFH: Natalie has been brought in to welcome Sophie. She does so and Sophie handles herself quite well to Natalie's surprise. Hair pulling, slapping along with pins as these two struggle for dominance. Great action from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***KF / CFH: "Spirited Holds Competition" - Watch as these two go at it applying various holds on each other. Great action from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***KF / CFH: "Competitive Catfight " - Hair Pulling, Some Slaps, Grueling submisisons and attempts, Shirt ripping all as the intensity last throughout as Nicki doesn't want to lose and Kaycee wants to get a win more than anyone knows. Great action from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***KF / CFH:"No Driving Bitch" - Candle was driving aggressivel and cut Arielle off. The brunette followed her home and the blonde challenged her to a fight to settle their little spat. Hair pulling, crotch and breast clawing, stripping and much more action in this one from The Kitty Corner at CFH.


***KF: Natalie vs Dani "Holds" - These two apply scissors to the head and body, stomach punch, hair pull and more in a video that left me personally wanting to see more and more of these two going at it.! ***KF is now making all of it's downloads that were shown to the members of Club KF available in the Kitty Corner. This is one of many that will be featured in the Kitty Corner of CFH Videos.


***KF / CFH: Kaycee vs Nicki in "Ransom" - for her man! These two go at it hair pulling, choking and fighting all over the floor and standing as Kaycee fights for her husband and their ransom money and Nicki fights for the ransom money she feels she's earned by kidnapping Kaycee's wealthy husband. Great action here for sure!



***Kitty Fights: Kaycee vs Nicki in jean shorts as they go at it in this competitive match that features hair pulling, some slapping and grueling submissions as neither of these young fighters go at it.



***Kitty Fights: KF-31 Hot Kittys Jameson vs. Tia competitive match



***Kitty Corner: KF-29 Jameson vs. Taylor "new Kittys hit the mats"


Kitty Corner: Kenna vs. Brittnee "Tit Clawing / Squeezing" Contest


Kitty Corner Competitive: Jessica vs. Tia


Britteni Blanks vs. Jessica in a breast battle from KF


KF-9: Ariana vs. Rachel in Competitive then Custom action


KF-8 "He Doesn't Want You" New Custom Action


Ariana vs. Rachel: K-1 The Diva and The Bitch (custom action)




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