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RCH - 61


Renee vs. Kristie Etzold in a competitive bout.

A tough match from the word go between two tough women. Kristie has a size and strength advantage and is surprisingly quick as well. Both of them dish it out and take it with hair pulling, breast attacks, strong scissors and other grueling submission holds. Kristie pushed Renee to the limit and I believe Renee surprised Kristie with her ability etc. as well. This is the match in which Renee received an injury to her lower back that put her out of commission for 5 months. Feeling the strain across her lower back but not knowing how serious it was she continued on through the end of the match and even had one more sponsored catfight just a few days later. "Yes, I knew I was injured at the time but the match had already been sponsored and I met my obligation to have the match. Had I known though how long the recovery would be I may have phoned the sponsor and worked something out as far as postponing the match." was Renee's response to the question of "WHY?" when she went ahead with her match after being injured. All that did was aggravate the injury even more. Maybe not prolonging the recovery time but surely not doing anything to speed it up.

Very intensely fought.






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