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RCH - S8


RCH - S8 "Halloween Brawl" Renee vs. Jenn from Kitty Fights in Custom Catfighting / Stomcah Punching Action.

The quality of this product is much better than the vidcaps. On a visit to KF in which I was able to get Ashlynn and Jaenn to go at it in a competitive match, Jenn said she'd gladly take part in a custom catfight I'd had requested by a fan. This was great for me because I don't get to travel too much in the first place and I'd heard that she enjoyed stomach punching and the like. They were also having their Halloween party that night so we took full advantage of everything offered.

I'd known that Jenn had taken place in a few stomach punching vids at KF against Shae so I was looking forward to it. I heard one of the other girls from KF tell her "show her what you got" so I figured she'd be throwing some good ones. We exchanged a lot of stomach punches during this custom match and in the end the area around my belly button ring was swollen, discolored a bit and more sore than ever in the past from a stomach punching session.

During the catfight portion where we were hair pulling I actually lost qutie a bit of hair, my neck was more stiff the next day than it'd been in some time and she'd actually punctured the skin on my arm with her fingernails. If I didn't know better I'd say she was trying to send me a message. LOL, for her sake let's hope not and for yours, well, let's hope so.





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