KF - 28 from Kitty Fights


New Kittys Tryout and only one will make it.

222 megs / 20:56 min.


Two hot new Kittys tryout for a spot at Kitty Fights. Only one will make it though and you can email Matt from the KF website and your vote for the one you think should stay and who should go. The only thing is that they faced each other in this match as well as another Kitty in Tia so make sure to view that one as well so you'll see who has more potential.

Bikini Cats in the first in the "Search for the New Kittys" matches. Taylor the dark haired Kitty taking on the redhead Jameson. They were both nervous throughout the match not knowing fully what to expect. Hair pulling, scissors and a few good slaps along with more action on the mats until one of them is declared the winner.

GREAT ACTION from Kitty Fights.


222 megs / 20:56 min.







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