KF - 24 from Kitty Fights


Brittnee vs. Kenna Tit Clawing Match

178 megs / 17:07 min.



All the fuss about tit fights and breast clawing contests have Brittnee and Kenna's imagination going. They sit around and chat about who would win if they were to have such a contest. They both have hardened tips on their nails and are eager to find out just who can take and dish out the most punishment.

The video begins with them in their bikinis standing facing each other and waiting to get their claws in each other's soft tits.

Who does come out on top? Well you'll have to view this one to see it. Just a note here. Kenna expressed interest in having a similar match as well as a catfight with Renee. We are all anxiously waiting on that one. Personally I'd like to see Tia step up and tag team with Renee against Kenna and Brittnee. Who do you think would win?

GREAT ACTION from Kitty Fights.



178 megs / 17:07 min.






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