RCH - Renee vs. Mandi Facesit Pin Catfight


RCH - Renee vs. Mandi Facesit Pin Catfight

This was a private match with only one live viewer not including the cameramen (BDR and T). A huge Mandi fan for that matter and she wanted to prove a point. Speaking of which facesit matches aren't my specialty. I mean I can and will participate in them but I lose quite a few. Love using the pin itself in a competitive match and will use it when I can and roll from there to a headscissors if I can't get a submission from the straddle combined with a hairpull but in those particular style of matches I go in with the goal of wanting to give the fan what they want and that is a lot of facesitting action.

So with that in mind the rules are agreed upon that we don't use tactics such as rolling to our stomachs with our arms pinned underneath us as if to say "what you gonna do now?". Makes for a boring match. At any rate we'd just shot another private match whereas the pics were released in the members area but the vid wasn't due to using the sponsors name throughout. She beat me in that match and this was the rematch. I couldn't wait for it and let it be known when I talked to her that I couldn't wait. She had the bitchy attitude (and rightly so) "I beat you last time and I'll do it again".

We did incorporate hairpulling, some slaps and other holds but not for submissions. The only way to gain a fall was to secure your opponent in a facesit pin. The one with the most pins at the end of a ten minute fall earned the right to facesit the loser at the end of each fall. Made it a lot more interesting because neither of us wanted to be pinned voluntarily for damn sure.

I know you'll want to add this one to your collection.

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