RCH - Live Action from CC IV featuring Zoe


RCH- CC4-1 Zoe vs. Gen and Zoe vs. Nichole

Two great live matches from CatzClaw IV featuring the attractive and athletic blonde Zoe. First Zoe takes on Gen and then later in the show faces Nichole. Both Zoe's and Nichole's first appearance in front of a crowd and the blonde wanted badly to show her stuff. The rules for her match with Nichole were set with a "no hairpull" clause with both agreeing. One knew that the other had migranes but wanted to leave an impression over the crowd with a possible win and settle a long standing fued between the two young women, so she took matters into her own hands during part of the match.

If you're a Zoe fan you'll love both of these and if not a Zoe fan you may leave as one.

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