"The Cruel Vixens Corner here at www.cfhvideos1.com: Where the Dish it out and Take it.

I'm glad to see them get up and running so if you're into this style of domination please support their efforts.

***Cruel Vixens presents: "Time To Talk Bitch" with Katrina Kruell making a return to dish out the pain to Sherry who is refusing to tell her what she wants to hear. Tit clawing / twisting, Belly punching and kicking, Face slapping and more.


CV Corner : "Competitive Catfight" Intense Action as these two face each other with the stakes high for the very last time. Read more inside!


***Cruel Vixens presents: "You've been a bad girl, Kenna". Kenna has disobeyed her Mistress and has to pay the price. Breast and crotch clawing, stomach punching and more as the ever so sexy Kenna is bound to the bed and taught a lesson by her dominating Mistress.


***Cruel Vixens Presents: Amo gets dominated by Mistress Katrina Kruell


***Cruel Vixens: Amo vs. Katrina Kruell... The first installment from the newly opened CV (Cruel Vixens) Corner...




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